Jun 5, 2018

The 5 Greatest Movies For Entrepreneurs

As I am a beverage entrepreneur by day, and a self proclaimed movie buff by night, I wanted to give everyone out in the world of startups the top 5 greatest movies to watch. Although my opinion may not be worth a damn and you’d prefer Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB, I am going to tell you anyways. 

Jun 5, 2018

The 5 Greatest Movies For Business Motivation

Following my career as an athlete and before starting TruEnergy, I jumped into the ‘real world’ and found a new competition in sales. Quite frankly, I wasn’t too good at it. Actually, I sucked at it. As with sports, I kept myself motivated through film (aka lots of movies). I took my few hours of freedom away from cold calling and would watch iconic business movies hoping to find the motivation to become a business tycoon. 

Jun 5, 2018

5 Misconceptions of Crowdfunding

OK. Crowdfunding is definitely harder than I thought. For those entrepreneurs out there who think that you can come up with a kick-ass idea, post it on Kickstarter, and make millions of dollars, you are wrong. Dead wrong. You're better off buying a lottery ticket.
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