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Obsessively formulated by fusing flavor with function, each of our tasty innovations perform when you need it most. From the time you wake up until the second your head hits the pillow, we elevate every moment one sip at a time.

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The Moment
Hitting the gym?

Hitting the gym?

Under the weather?

Under the weather?

Starting to crash?

Starting to crash?

Jessica WacnikPro Tennis Player & Entrepreneur

Tru Energy is awesome...it tastes good and I actually felt a difference after taking it. I don't normally take anything caffeinated because I'm afraid of getting jittery, but it was perfect.

Jesse WinchesterNHL Player & Coach

I am a huge fan of Tru Energy; the shot gives me an extra burst of energy when I need it, and I am able to enjoy it without the crash that I've experienced with other similar products!

McKenzie MeehanPro Soccer Player

As a professional soccer player, I really enjoy taking Tru Energy. It's a great product both in season and off-season, as it can provide a great boost of energy prior to an early morning workout or it can be a great energizer between two tough sessions.

James FaheyPro Lacrosse Player

After being on my feet all day at work, I shoot back a Tru Energy and it enables me to put in the solid hours in the gym I need to prepare for the upcoming season.

A Flavor For Everyone

Behind the Science

Whether you are an elite athlete, student, or parent on-the-go, Tru was obsessively formulated to support your active lifestyle. Built without compromise, we have your back.

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