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Elevate Every Moment

Whether you are an elite athlete, student, or parent on-the-go, Tru was obsessively formulated to support your active lifestyle. Built without compromise, we have your back.


Wellness Minis
Tru Power Shots - Tru
Rating: 4.81 out of 5 (62)
Tru Power Shots
Tru Energy Shots
Rating: 4.78 out of 5 (51)
Tru Energy Shots
Tru Focus Shots - Tru
Rating: 4.82 out of 5 (92)
Tru Focus Shots
Tru Dream Shots - Tru
Rating: 4.95 out of 5 (80)
Tru Dream Shots

Making a Difference

Products with Purpose

While we are a small company, there is no excuse for not making a difference. To date, the business has proudly donated $27,900 to a variety of amazing charities striving to change the world.


From the time you wake up until the second your head hits the pillow, we elevate every moment with flavor, function, and style.

Brian Mazza2x Men’s Health Cover

Not only is Tru Dream the best tasting product for sleep on the market, but this works wonders. I product tested this for around 2 months prior to bringing it in to High Performance Lifestyle Training Summit, and it’s remarkable.

Alexa HendricksD1 Volleyball player

One of the most important things to me is my health, which is why I love Tru so much! The taste is amazing, but most importantly the ingredients are so clean.

Ayan BroomfieldNCAA Tennis Champion

I recently discovered Tru Power – a natural pre-workout energy drink that’s refreshing and helps keep me energized throughout my workouts. It does not make me jittery and the added bonus is that it has clean, natural ingredients and it’s also completely sugar free.

Chelle NjivaModel

Tru is my holy grail - the Focus and the Energy blend are the two combos that carry me through the day.

Jesse WinchesterNHL Player, Coach

I am a huge fan of Tru Energy; the shot gives me an extra burst of energy when I need it, and I am able to enjoy it without the crash that I've experienced with other similar products!