Tru Dream Shots

Cherry Berry Flavored

Naturally flavored with notes of cherry and berry, Tru Dream Shot is a deep sleep aid shot made with melatonin, magnesium, GABA, and chamomile. A convenient alternative to sleep aid supplements, each shot contains zero sugar and zero calories.


Calories, 0
Total Carbohydrates 0 , **
- Total Sugars 0 g,**
Protein 0 g
Magnesium 10 mg,2%
Proprietary Blend 110 mg
- Gamma Aminobutyric Acid
- Chamomile Extract
- Melatonin

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate (preservatives), Sucralose, Magnesium Citrate, Natural Flavor, Calcium Disodium EDTA (to protect flavor).

Caffeine Free.

Tru Dream Shot

Blended with chamomile, GABA, and magnesium, Tru Dream Shot is a caffeine free wellness supplement. Often enjoyed as a calm sleep drink, Tru offers melatonin in a naturally flavored sleep shot format for convenience.

Natural Flavor

Unlike most best selling sleep drinks, Tru Dream Shot is a wellness supplement made with delicious natural flavors. This fruit flavored extra strength sleep shot always delivers a refreshing natural cherry berry flavor.

Drink Different

Tru isn't the original deep sleep aid shot or drink. Instead, Tru is a new age wellness shot that fuses flavor, function, and fun to elevate every moment. It's gluten free, keto, vegan, and free from dyes and major allergens.

Zero Sugar

While some Tru wellness shots contain natural caffeine, Tru Dream wellness shot is a non caffeinated supplement for adults looking for a cherry berry flavored sleep shot with a boost of melatonin before bedtime or a nap.

Elevate Every Moment

Whether you're looking for a healthy wellness shot, deep sleep shot, or extra strength energy shot with natural flavors, Tru has your back. With zero sugar, zero calories, and zero fat, Tru shots have a flavor fit for your lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Worth every penny!

If you used just about all the Tru shots and they all work spectacularly well! The sleep dream gave me a great nights sleep with absolutely no grogginess in the morning

Tastes great and works perfectly

Tru Dream is amazing. I get up for work at 5am and wasn’t able to fall asleep until 1am most nights. Being able to take a sleep shot that tastes good and works well is game changing. Not only do I fall asleep fast, but I also wake up feeling ready to start the day.


Im not going to lie, its always had difficulty in falling asleep. Through the years I've tried various OTC (over the counter) medications such as diphenhydramine and doxylamine. As these are anticholinergic drugs, they come with terrible side effects of dry mouth, constipation, and lacrimation. Not to mention they present a battle to get up or function in the morning!So when I first discovered this, I really liked the ingredients as its 100% healthy. I ordered myself a four pack to try and fell in love!!! I loved how easy it was to simple shot!! And on top of it, it tasted great!! It kicked in within 20-30 minutes. It really helped me relax and fall asleep quickly without giving me that drowsiness like my previous sleep aids.Will for sure buy again!

President of the HamSquad
Put me to bed.

Pretty simple product. Doesn't taste bad and definitely put me to sleep.

David Cebulla
Great flavor, woke up refreshed

This product exceeded my expectations. It was the perfect “nightcap”. The flavor was great: not too bold, fruity and smooth. I woke up feeling energized, not drowsy like I have before with taking other sleep-enhancing products before bed. I usually dread going to sleep after a stressful day, but with tru dream, I look forward to relaxing and settling into the natural sleep cycle that my body craves. I would recommend this product to everyone looking to start their morning off feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.