Our Story

Whether playing peewee hockey as a kid around Boston or professionally in Europe, Jack McNamara consistently struggled to find a healthy beverage to boost performance. Either loaded with sugar or artificial ingredients, big brands consistently failed to deliver.

After realizing this problem extended well beyond the arena and into pantries at home, he hung up his skates to develop a solution. After over five years of development, he and his team launched Tru, an enhanced line up of beverages to elevate every moment. Built without compromise, we earn trust with every sip.

Products with Purpose

We believe in a dual pursuit; products with purpose and a brand with impact. Founded to improve the health and well-being of people and communities, we look forward to every chance that we get to make someone’s day.

While we are a small company, there is no excuse for not delivering a high quality experience while making an even greater difference. We have set a new standard in the industry through transparency, inclusion, and support.

Since launching Tru, we are incredibly proud of the $32,900 in cash contributions made to charities that continue to change the world. We just happen to make great tasting beverages too.

Built with Benefits

While fusing flavor with function is already quite unique, the true value of the brand is in its strict formulations. As we understand everyone is on their own healthy journey, we did our best to ensure that our products fit your lifestyle.

Each of our original blends was obsessively formulated with low calories, natural flavors, and less than 3g of sugar. Additionally, all of our ingredients are gluten free while strictly avoiding the top 8 major allergens.

Whether you are an athlete, student, or simply looking to make a healthy change, Tru was made for you. From the time you wake up until the second your head hits the pillow, we have your back.