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apple kiwi

Whether you are nodding off in class or about to face plant your keyboard in your cubicle, it's time to drop the black market stimulants and the sixth cup of coffee. Grab the natural focus boost your mind deserves and drink Tru!Text

made with

natural caffeine

TruFocus contains 150 mg of caffeine each shot contains the approximate equivalent of a cup and a half of your standard coffee for sustained attention and concentration for the rest of the workday.

yerba mate extract

Yerba mate is native to South America and is one of the few plants which naturally produce caffeine. In Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, yerba mate is recognized as each country’s national drink.


Adaptogens are herbs that help strengthen the immune system, helping the body handle emotional, mental, and physical stress. Focus contains the adaptogen Rhodiola root, which significantly improves brain function, especially when it is combined with nootropics.


Nootropics are supplements that have been shown to help improve a number of cognitive functions including memory, creativity, and motivation. Tru Focus contains the following nootropics: caffeine, L-theanine, choline bitartrate, and acetyl-l-carnitine (ALCAR).


CoQ10 is a naturally occurring nutrient compound produced within your body that is stored in and assists in the function of mitochondria in your cells. Mitochondria are essential towards nearly all functions of the body.

apple juice

Archaeologists have found evidence that people have been eating apples since 6,500B.C. Apple juice has since been shown to help with hydration while maintaining delicious flavor.


vegan, non-gmo, gluten free,
keto-friendly, no preservatives,
& damn tasty


Shake the bottle, twist off the cap, and drink one (1) full bottle. We suggest that you drink a Tru Focus shot (150 mg of caffeine) 20-30 minutes before you will need a clean boost of focus that lasts for hours without the crash. This timing will give you the optimal benefits for the task at hand. You can drink the shot by itself or pour it into some water for a delicious drink that you can sip on. Best Served chilled.

Do not exceed two servings daily. Not recommended for children or women while nursing or pregnant.

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increase focus and performance

Boosted with a proprietary blend of yerba mate and natural caffeine (150 mg), Tru Focus shot delivers a long lasting focus boost from carefully selected nootropics for hours of mental alertness.

improve mental acuity

Formulated with choline bitartrate and CoQ10, our natural brain shot may help to shield against oxidative destruction to brain cells thus improving your brain's overall productivity.

brain support

Boosted with the adaptogen, Rhodiola Rosea, and the nootropic, ALCAR (Acetyl L-Carnitine), this natural focus shot aims to decrease cortisol response thus minimizing stress.

natural ingredients

Gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, keto-friendly, low glycemic index, low calories, low carbohydrates, natural sweeteners, natural flavors, no major allergens, no artificial preservatives, and no regrets.

damn tasty flavor

Naturally sweetened with monkfruit, stevia leaf and erythritol, this great tasting clean nootropic shot is naturally flavored with apple and kiwi for a delicious refreshing taste. Plus, it's only 5 calories.


top 8 allergens

No Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Fish, Crustacean shellfish, Tree nuts, Peanuts, or Soybeans.

artificial colors

You wont find any fluorescent or highlighter artificial colors in these beverages. It is simply the good stuff. Full transparency is the name of the game, so why pretend to be something you're not.

artificial flavors

Taste is king and in our humble opinion natural flavors are not only healthier, they taste way better. Although biased, we believe our flavor partners are the absolute best in the biz as they obsessively work until the final iterations of each of our flavors is just right.

artificial sweeteners

Delicately formulated with a natural sweetener system of Monkfruit, Stevia Leaf Extract, and Erythritol, Tru is always low in calories and carbohydrates while maintaining a low glycemic index. Look out for cheap artificial sweeteners like Sucralose, Aspartame and Acesulfame potassium.

artificial Preservatives

No sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, calcium EDTA, or any other questionable artificial preservatives here. Just amazing manufacturers, cutting edge processes, and premium ingredients


What does Tru Focus taste like?

Like all of our beverages, Tru Focus is naturally sweetened with monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol. Our Tru Focus shots and cans are both amplified with a combination of apple and kiwi to combine for an effective flavor kick.

what is in the proprietary formula of our tru focus drink?

Water, Apple Juice Concentrate, Erythritol, L-Theanine, Citric Acid, Natural Caffeine, Malic Acid, Stevia Leaf Extract, Choline Bitartrate, Acetyl-L-Carnitine Hydrochloride, Monk Fruit Extract, Natural Flavor, Yerba Mate Extract, Coenzyme Q10, and Rhodiola Extract.

when should i drink a tru focus?

Shake the bottle, twist off the cap, and drink one (1) full bottle to be the boss of your boss. We suggest that you drink a Tru Focus shot (150 mg of caffeine) 20-30 minutes before you will need a clean boost of focus that lasts for hours without the crash. This timing will give you the optimal benefits for the task at hand. You can drink the shot by itself or pour it into some water for a delicious drink that you can sip on. Best served chilled.

how does our tru focus drink work?

Tru Focus is powered by 150 mg of natural caffeine, as well as nootropics and adaptogens. Nootropics enhance the performance and health of the brain, whereas adaptogens have been proven to relieve mental and physical stress. The combination of these ingredients makes for an energized clarity that you cannot get from other drinks on the market.

how much tru focus should i drink?

We suggest that you drink one Tru Focus drink (150 mg of caffeine) 20-30 minutes before you need a boost of mental clarity and energy. Some people use Tru Focus to optimize their day and others drink it when they feel mental fatigue coming their way.

how much yerba mate is in our tru focus drink?

Unlike most focus boosting drinks on the market that are artificially caffeinated, our natural focus formula combines natural caffeine with the powerful attributes of Yerba Mate extract as both have proven effective as energy boosters in numerous third party studies. The greatest value of our proprietary focus formula in our Tru Focus drink is the optimal ratio of these two ingredients which leads to both efficacy as well as great taste. There is 150 mg of caffeine in our Tru Focus drink; however, we cannot share the ratio of these ingredients in order to protect our trade secrets that are a result of years of research and development.

how much caffeine is in our tru focus drink?

Tru Focus contains 150 mg of caffeine derived from a proprietary combination of natural caffeine and yerba mate extract. This is the approximate equivalent of 1.5 cups of coffee. Please do not consume more than 2 Tru Focus drinks per day. As a side note, the upper limit that most adults should consume is considered to be 400 mg of caffeine.

how long does the energy last from drinking tru focus?

While everyone's caffeine tolerance is different, generally speaking, Tru Focus will give you hours of clean energy and clear cognition.


Are there artificial preservatives or colors in our Tru Focus drink?

There are no artificial preservatives or colors in any of our beverages. Over the past few years, we have found a way to manufacture our beverages without the use of preservatives while improving overall taste as we are firm believers that natural is the best route to staying healthy.

are there artificial flavors or sweeteners in our tru focus drink?

There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners in Tru Focus due to the side effects associated with these ingredients. Each formula utilizes a sweetener system of monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol as they are all natural sweeteners with a low glycemic index. We also utilize natural juice to help flavor each drink.

are there any allergens in our tru focus drink?

Tru Energy contains caffeine and is Vegan, Keto, gluten-free, low-glycemic. It contains natural sweeteners, natural flavors, zero calories, and is non-GMO. It does not include artificial preservatives, gluten, soy, lactose, nuts or artificial ingredients of any kind.

is our tru focus drink keto friendly?

Yes, all of our drinks are Keto friendly. We understand that all people have their own diets and eating habits. Catering to diets and healthy ways of living is very important to us!

is our tru focus drink vegan?

With the exception of our Tru Beauty drink which utilizes bovine collagen, all of our other drinks are vegan friendly. Additionally each drink is low in calories, sugars and carbohydrates which also makes it Keto friendly. As we understand that different people have their own diets and eating habits, we do our best to cater to the masses with natural alternatives to promote a healthier lifestyle for many.

is our tru focus drink gluten free?

Yes, all of our drinks are gluten free. We understand that many people have a strict diet or may enjoy specific eating preferences. Catering to these requests is extremely important to us so that everyone can find a drink that fits their needs.

is our tru focus drink fda approved?

The FDA does not approve any supplements, but we do have certificates of analysis on all of our individual ingredients. Our products are also manufactured in an FDA registered & GMP certified facility and the final product is then tested by a third party lab. Please feel free to reach out to for any more specific questions or ask our chat bot in the bottom right hand corner of our website!

is it safe to drink tru focus while pregnant or breastfeeding?

We urge anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding to consult a physician about taking any supplements (not just Tru). If your physician does give you a daily intake that is suitable during pregnancy, Tru Focus includes 150 mg of natural caffeine.

can i drink tru focus while on medication?

We suggest that anyone on medication consult a physician before taking any dietary supplements (not just Tru). Most of our ingredients are natural with extensive research to prove their overall effectiveness; however, it could be useful for you to speak with your physician so that you feel totally comfortable taking any of our products.

can i drink tru focus if i have dietary restrictions?

Although our team has extensively researched each ingredient in the Tru Focus drink while avoiding the use of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, we suggest that anyone with concerns consult a physician before consuming any and all dietary supplements.


Who should drink Tru Focus?

Our Tru Focus drink is for anyone looking for hours of natural focus. With the power of nootropics, both the can and the shot are geared towards giving you hours of focus.

what is the shelf life of our tru focus drink?

The shelf life of our Tru Focus shots is 18 months. The shelf life of our Tru Focus cans is 12 months. This differentiation is due to the variation in processing and packaging methods for each. For best quality, please keep our drinks from any prolonged exposure to sunlight or high temperatures as it can affect flavor. As always, the expiration date is clearly marked on the bottom of each of our beverages. In addition, all of our products can be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature as they are shelf stable.

can i travel with a tru focus drink?

Yes, our shots meet the requirement for air travel. You can feel comfortable sharing the milliliters and the fact that it is a supplement with security. All of this information is clearly printed on the packaging.

can i take a tru focus drink every day?

Yes, you can drink Tru Focus drink every day. Both the can and the shot contain 150 mg of caffeine. These can be consumed as needed within the suggested healthy maximum caffeine intake per day, which is 400 mg for an adult. We suggest that you ask your physician before taking any supplements (not just Tru).

does tru focus need to be refrigerated?

Although many Tru customers prefer to refrigerate our drinks and serve them chilled, it is not a necessity and you can store all of our flavors in the cupboard at room temperature. It is totally customer preference when it comes to consumption or storage methods as our drinks are completely shelf stable. In addition, at the bottom of each drink is clearly marked an expiration date.

does tru focus have different effects on different people?

We suggest that everyone consult their physician for guidance on taking any supplements (not just Tru). Tru Focus may affect people differently. Both the can and the drink include 150 mg of caffeine while the suggested maximum intake is 400 mg per day for adults.
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