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Future of fizz

Founded in 2015 by a former pro hockey player, Tru delivers better-for-beverages that taste great and never compromise.

After noticing artificial sugary drinks inundating locker rooms across the USA and Europe, Jack McNamara quickly realized this problem extended beyond the arena and into everyone's pantry at home. With natural drinks either unaffordable or unavailable, he moved to New York City to pursue his dream of transforming our food system one great tasting beverage at a time with function, flavor, and fizz.

100% handmade soap bar


Products with Purpose

As our team strives to build a brand with true impact, we believe in a dual pursuit; products with purpose and for purpose.

Our brand was built to improve the health and well being of people and communities so that we are all one easier decision to a happy lifestyle. Produced with integrity, we earn confidence by delivering a consistent experience of quality and taste so that you feel good while doing good.

While we are a small company, there is no excuse for not making great products that make an even greater difference.


Bubbles with benefits

From the time you wake up until the second your head hits the pillow, we look forward to every chance that we get to improve your day.

Each of our original blends was obsessively researched and naturally formulated without the bull to help you elevate every moment without the regret. We are a team of entrepreneurs, athletes, and old friends on a mission to promote health and wellness to the masses.

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meet the founder


Meet the Squad

Jack McNamara

Chief Executive Officer

Jillian Reilly

Sr. Manager of Operations

Yash Banthia

Chief Operating Officer

Francesca Venezia

Sr. Manager of Marketing

Piper Phillips

Director of Marketing

Nicolas Palandjian

Regional Sales Manager

Sean McDonough

Director of Sales

Jeremy Tidman

Account Sales Manager