Tru Recovery Sampler

Variety Pack

Naturally flavored with fruity notes, Tru Recovery Seltzer is a variety pack of non caffeinated sparkling waters made with real fruit juice. A healthy alternative to sports drinks and sodas, each can contains no added sugar and 10 calories or less.

Calories, 10/15
Total Carbohydrates 10/11, 4%
- Total Sugars 0 g,0%
Protein 0 g

Ingredients: Please click on each product image to see the full ingredient list.

Caffeine content: 0 mg caffeine.

Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication. Keep out of reach of children.

Tru Recovery Pack

Blended with functional ingredients, Tru Recovery Seltzer is a variety pack of non caffeinated sparkling waters. The sampler includes naturally flavored sleep, immune support, and detox drinks to help elevate every moment.

Real Fruit Juice

Unlike most best selling drinks and sodas, Tru Recovery Seltzer is a variety pack of carbonated water made with real fruit juice and natural flavors. This fruit flavored sparkling water always delivers a light refreshing taste.

Drink Different

Tru isn't the original seltzer water served by your great grandparents. It fuses flavor, function, and fizz to elevate every moment while still gluten free, kosher, keto, vegan, and free from sucralose, dyes, and major allergens.

Caffeine Free

While some Tru seltzer drinks contain natural caffeine, Tru Recovery sparkling water is a non caffeinated variety pack for those looking for a fun flavored carbonated water with a boost of functional ingredients without the energy.

Elevate Every Moment

Whether you're looking for a healthy soda, clean pre workout drink, or sparkling water with real fruit juice, Tru has your back. With low sugar, low calories, and zero fat, Tru Seltzer has a flavored sparkling water for your lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 510 reviews

This product was delicious! Each sip was as bright as the rising sun, refreshing as cool water on a hot day, and as tangy as a fresh island fruit.

gift guru
WOW! exceeded all expectations

I bought to supplement drinking water and liked the fact that it has immunity booster ingredients. It tasted great, not sweet and barely carbonated--which is my preference. I t was smooth. I'll definitely will be buying more.

Works well as a Sleep Aide.

Great Service and Great Product! A++++++

D. Blakelock
Wonderful way to relax in the evening after work.

I love to pop open a Defend at the end of the day. The taste is so refreshing. I might have to try to mix it with a little vodka to make a "Stoli Doli".

Laura Goode
What a great find!

We have now tried all three Tru Seltzers and love them all. Most recently, we got a 12 pack of Tru Rescue Detox Blend. We've used it now 4-5 times before cocktails and the next day we definitely feel much better! The ingredients are outstanding (and healthy) and the blackberry taste is great. Only wish we had this 20 years ago! Highly recommend!!!