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Tru Recovery Sampler x36


Tru Recovery Sampler

Behind the Science

With each drink's abundance of natural properties, there is nothing your body won't be prepared for with the Tru Recovery Sampler. With Tru Defend's balanced blend of vitamin C, antioxidants, and natural anti-inflammatories, Tru Rescue's support in breaking down unwanted toxins in the liver, and Tru Dream's melatonin and natural sleep boosters, Tru Recovery Pack has everything your body needs to get in tip top shape, and stay there.

Damn Tasty

Able to satisfy every taste palate, Tru Recovery Sampler comes with Tru Dream's flavorful Cherry Berry, Tru Defend's heavenly Pineapple, and Tru Rescue's Blackberry.


Recovery Blend

  • How does the Tru Recovery Sampler work?

    Each drink in the Tru Recovery Sampler has differing properties good for both night and day. With Tru Defend, give your immune system the boost it needs to protect you and help you feel above the weather. Tru Dream Shot is designed to help you help you fall asleep quicker and improve your sleep using a soothing blend of chamomile, melatonin, and magnesium. Tru Rescue's Natural Detox Blend is designed with Electrolytes to help your liver handle the toxins that come from a night of boozing.

  • How much Tru Recovery Sampler should I drink

    Each item inside the Tru Recovery Sampler has been specifically engineered to help your body in different ways. Tru Defend's blend of antioxidants and vitamins is designed for any time of the day and in any quantity you want. We recommend taking one Tru Dream 30 minutes before going to bed, but if you forget, drinking it right before bed will still give you the same deep sleep you've been craving. For Tru Rescue, the amount of alcohol you consume directly determines the amount of Tru Rescue you need to drink in order to get the anti-hangover benefits.

  • Who should drink the Tru Recovery Sampler?

    Our Tru Recovery Sampler is designed for anyone that wants to support the health of their body. Each drink's properties are a natural and tasty way to make sure your body never has an off-day.