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Tru Energy Drinks


Drink to be the boss of your boss

A clean, natural and effective solution to midday drowsiness and work slumps is here. We made Tru Focus Seltzer to help you not just get through your day in the office or the classroom, but to also take charge and stay locked in for hours of energy and concentration.

Behind the Science

Tru Focus Seltzer is the secret to a long productive day of work, being dialed in for hours, and crushing your deadlines. Boosted with nootropics, adaptogens and natural caffeine, Tru Focus Seltzer is more effective than a cup of coffee, healthier than energy drinks, and safer than “smart pills” with no crash later.

Damn Tasty

Naturally sweetened with monk fruit, stevia leaf, and erythritol, this great-tasting clean nootropic drink is naturally flavored with apple and kiwi for a deliciously refreshing taste. Plus, it's only 10 calories.


  • How does our Tru Focus Seltzer work?

    Tru Focus Seltzer is powered by 150 mg of natural caffeine, as well as nootropics and adaptogens. Nootropics enhance the performance and health of the brain, whereas adaptogens have been proven to relieve mental and physical stress. The combination of these ingredients makes for an energized clarity that you cannot get from other drinks on the market.

  • How much Tru Focus Seltzer should I drink?

    We suggest that you drink one Tru Focus Seltzer (150 mg of caffeine) 20-30 minutes before you need a boost of mental clarity and energy. Some people use Tru Focus Seltzer to optimize their day and others drink it when they feel mental fatigue coming their way.

  • How long does the energy from drinking Tru Focus Seltzer last?

    While everyone's caffeine tolerance is different, generally speaking, Tru Focus Seltzer will give you hours of clean energy and clear cognition.