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Unlike the naturally occurring sugars found in fruits and vegetables, added sugar provides very little benefit beyond taste and can result in drastic health consequences. Despite this fact, many companies continue to inundate their sports drinks, sodas, and supplements with mountains of sugar to prolong shelf life and improve taste. Although it’s cheaper to go this route, we will never sacrifice the health or our customers for our margin.

According to the National Cancer Institute, adult men consume 24 teaspoons of added sugar per day which is 384 calories even though the recommended daily amount (RDA) is 9 teaspoons or 36g[1]. For reference, most energy drinks and sports drinks like Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar have 37-46 g of sugar per 12 fl oz. Too much added sugar, particularly from sugary drinks also leads to weight gain due to the additional calories from beverages that are less satisfying than the calories in food. Additionally, consumption of these added sugars is in direct correlation with risk of cardiovascular disease. In contrast to the competition, Tru products only have 1-3 g of natural sugar from juice and other natural sources and only 1-10 calories so that you can enjoy your beverages without having to drink your calories.

Even though many of our billion dollar competitors prefer the short cut, we refuse to use sucralose, aspartame, or acesulfame in our products. Not only are these ingredients artificial, they’ve been proven to negatively impact your digestive tract, kill helpful bacteria in your gut, and have toxic components[2]. Instead, we opted for a natural low calorie sweetener system of monk fruit, stevia leaf extract and erythritol so that you can drink our beverages with joy rather than regret.


Let’s face it. Nutrition is not a one size fits all type of philosophy. Like our fingerprints, every one of us is unique from a biological standpoint and our individual needs can vary greatly to achieve peak performance. While some of us are deficient in things like vitamins and others are not, we simply cannot create just one game changing product.

Our vision is different. From the bedroom to the boardroom, each of our products contains an original blend to attack the job at hand. While other companies are steadfast in their single-minded approach, we continue to evolve as a brand in order to reimagine and recreate the best tasting solutions in order to continue to solve the daily demands that come with our jobs, family, and sports.

Although we are very proud of each of our products, we realize that some are not optimal for everyone; conversely, our goal is that everyone will find something here that will help to improve their day. This brand was built to ensure a healthier future for us all by creating natural alternatives to the existing products on the market. For us, it’s all about delivering solutions that will help you feel good and perform even better.


As all of our products are free from that artificial junk, we are proud of our brand. More specifically, we are proud of our labels. With transparency being one of the strongest pillars to our foundation, we take this initiative very seriously as trust is vital between a brand and a customer. That trust is earned over time and lost in an instance. Although a seismic shift in the industry has begun with more honest labeling practices, we certainly have room for improvement as a whole and our goal is to be the leader in that initiative within our space.

We take transparency a step further beyond our labels. Whether you visit our site or want to learn more about our brand, we want you to know everything. While most brands do unveil their ingredients in broad strokes, we dive deep with a summary of each ingredient that can then be expanded into a full blog with citations from trusted scientific references. Additionally, we want you to know the real us and those that surround the brand. We are not just a name on a page and we want to share our story. Rather than just creating a product, we spent years filming the ups and downs of building a brand to share the roadmap and inspire others to do the same. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but we have enjoyed the process and loved the journey.

At the end of the day, we have only done our job if we have delivered a great product at a fair price that you trust and understand. This cannot happen without transparency at every level. You should know more than what you are consuming. You should know the team, the science, and the influencers behind the brand. You should know the why.