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Our Solution

Tru Sport is a balanced and versatile electrolyte replenishing tablet containing 5 electrolytes, as well as glucose for rapid absorption to stay ahead of the competition. Just drop the tablet in water, let it dissolve and restock your body’s lost electrolytes.

How Tru Sport Works

Our specially formulated all natural blend is made to help efficiently replenish all the electrolytes lost in sweat.

1. Glucose: For Quicker Absorption

  • Glucose, in limited amounts, plays a crucial role in electrolyte reabsorption. A proportional amount of glucose works in conjunction with sodium to activate the Sodium-Glucose cotransporter proteins located on the membrane of small intestine cells. These proteins act as channels that when activated, allow water to rush into the bloodstream from the digestive tract and rehydrate you. If the channels are not activated, water has to diffuse into the bloodstream much more slowly. The optimal amount of sugar needed to activate the channels is not very much however, far less than what is in traditional sports drinks.

2. Sodium: For Hydration

  • Sodium's function is crucial to keeping you hydrated, healthy, and alive. It controls the liquid balance in the body, and helps cells have the proper amount of water inside them. More sodium is lost through sweat than other electrolytes, and it is crucial to replenish sodium loss to prevent cramping, or more serious health issues. For athletes, failure to replenish sodium stores results in a drop in performance and recovery. When sodium is combined with glucose speeds up electrolyte and water absorption.

3. Potassium: To Prevent Cramping

  • Potassium and sodium in accordance are responsible for preventing cramping. You’ve probably heard that if you are cramping you should eat a banana because it’s a good source of potassium.

4. Magnesium and Calcium: For Muscle Health

  • Magnesium and Calcium are Responsible for helping maintain proper fluid balances in the body, are especially beneficial when paired together. Calcium is needed for muscle contractions in every muscle in the body, while magnesium is essential relaxing muscles. As a result, these electrolytes compliment each other effectively.

5. Chloride: For Balanced Hydration

  • Chloride is the 5th electrolyte we've included, and like the others it contributes to maintaining an appropriate balance of fluids in the body.
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