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Need a delicious healthy boost to start your day?

We know getting up and ready to go in the morning can be difficult, and we’re here to make that a little easier. Now more than ever before, Americans are depending on caffeinated drinks to get them up and out the door. It’s no secret energy drinks are packed with hundreds of calories, and more sugar than is recommended for your entire day. Coffee is very low in calories and sugar if you drink it black, but essentially has no nutritional benefit, and once you start adding milk, cream, sugar or anything else to your coffee, it’s “healthiness” plummets. Move over, morning coffee, Tru Energy is here to jumpstart your busy day.

Our Solution

Quick, easy, delicious AND healthy? Whether you're looking for a cheaper alternative to a morning coffee run, an enjoyable way to get your vitamins in, or just can’t stand the taste of coffee, look no further. Tru Energy is a delicious keto-friendly, all-natural blend with extremely low calories, carbs and sugar. The perfect start to your day packed with vitamins and minerals, and just the right amount of caffeine for sustained energy without any jitters or crash.

How Tru Gut Works

Tru Energy isn't just another energy shot, its all-natural, healthy ingredient composition supports lasting energy to help you crush your day.

1. Natural Energy

a) With natural caffeine from green tea, you’ll have hours of energy with no crash later. 100 mg of caffeine mimics a cup of coffee, but how does it give you a boost? Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, and decreases drowsiness, while heightening attention, alertness and competitiveness. Caffeine works in the brain by blocking an inhibitory neurotransmitter called adenosine. Since adenosine is no longer inhibiting neuron function, the neurons fire more quickly and release dopamine and norepinephrine to make you feel more awake and full of energy. As a result, caffeine is often used in sports to enhance athletes’ physical performance.

b) Caffeine is very effective at helping burn fat and increasing metabolism. Studies show that taking caffeine can increase your resting metabolic rate by 3 to 11%. This allows your body to burn more calories at rest than it otherwise would.

c) Vitamins B₆ and B₁₂ also help with energy production in the body, by converting food to fuel.

2. B-Vitamins

a) Tru Energy is packed, and we mean PACKED with B-vitamins, 100% of your recommended daily amount for ALL eight B-vitamins to be precise. What exactly are B-Vitamins and why are they important? B-Vitamins refers to a group of water soluble vitamins whose main function pertains to energy levels, cell metabolism and brain function. There are eight B-vitamins, some are more commonly known by their number (ie B₆ and B₁₂) whereas others are more often referred to by their scientific names like riboflavin (B₂), biotin (B₇) and folate (B₉). B-Vitamins are found naturally in a number of foods like whole grains, meats, and dark, leafy vegetables. It is important to get enough Vitamin B in your diet, and deficiencies may lead to low energy levels, weakness, anemia, irritability or depression. Coffee has negligible amounts of vitamins and minerals, and has very little nutritional value on its own.

3. Antioxidants

a) Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant meaning it works to eliminate dangerous free radicals and their production in the body. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced as natural by-products from everyday bodily functions like metabolism (oxidation) or from toxins like UV light or tobacco smoke. Free radicals can attack cells in your body and even cause cancer. Antioxidants work to neutralize the instability by adding electrons to the unstable molecules, rendering them harmless and keeping you safe.

4. For Everyone

a) Tru Energy is made for everyone, the healthy blend is vegan, keto, Gluten Free, low glycemic, just 5 calories, Non GMO, and contains only natural sweeteners and flavors and no artificial preservatives. Tru Energy’s Orange Mango flavor is formulated with Mango Juice, and natural sweeteners. All Tru products use a custom blend of three natural sweeteners, Monk Fruit, Stevia leaf extract and Erythritol, hand picked for their low calorie, sugar and carb content while not sacrificing taste.

Crush Your Day

Tru Energy is designed to give you long-lasting energy while providing your body with the vitamins it needs. With none of the added sugar, calories or chemicals of energy drinks, it's exactly what you need to have a productive, energized day.

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