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The Natural Approach

Added sugar provides very little benefit beyond flavor. Despite this, many continue to add mountains of sugar into their sports drinks, sodas, and supplements to prolong shelf life and improve taste. Companies like Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar typically add between 37-46 g of sugar per 12 fl oz. 

According to the National Cancer Institute, adult men consume 24 teaspoons of added sugar per day; whereas, the recommended daily amount is only 9. Unfortunately, too much of this added sugar leads to weight gain and an added risk of cardiovascular disease.

In contrast, all Tru sparkling flavors were obsessively formulated with zero sugars and only 5-25 calories per serving. Opting for a natural low calorie sweetener system of monk fruit, stevia leaf extract and erythritol, you can now drink with joy rather than regret.

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A Flavor For Everyone

While some of us are deficient in vitamins and others are sensitive to allergens, nutrition is simply not a one size fits all type of philosophy. Like our fingerprints, everyone is unique and our needs can vary greatly to achieve peak performance. 

Our vision is different. From the bedroom to the boardroom, each of our products contains an original blend to attack the job at hand. While other companies are steadfast in their single-minded approach, we continue to evolve as a brand in order to reimagine and recreate the best tasting solutions in order to continue to solve the daily demands that come with our jobs, family, and sports.

Our goal is to be the most inclusive brand on the market so that everyone will find something that they enjoy. For us, it’s all about delivering solutions that will help you feel good and perform even better.


No Bull****

With transparency being one the strongest pillars to our brand, we take this initiative very seriously. Earned over time and lost in an instance, trust is vital between a brand and a customer. Whether you visit our site or want to learn more about our brand, we want you to know everything.

While most brands burn billion dollar marketing budgets or make unsubstantiated claims to move product, we care about science. Whether you want to learn about the benefits of an ingredient or want to deep dive into clinical studies, we share our research with you. 

You deserve to know every detail so that you can trust every sip.

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