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Tru Beauty Drinks


Drink to feel as good as you look

Behind the Science

Formulated with ingredients dedicated to boosting radiance and strength in hair, skin, and nails, Tru Beauty Drink is an all-natural and delicious beverage that unlocks your inner luminance!

Damn Tasty

Naturally sweetened with monk fruit, stevia leaf, and erythritol, this great-tasting clean collagen drink is naturally flavored with cranberry for a deliciously refreshing taste. Plus, it's only 10 calories.


Glow Blend

  • How does Tru Beauty Drink work?

    Tru Beauty Drink ingredients consist mainly of Collagen, Resveratrol, and Biotin. Both collagen and biotin improve the health and appearance of your skin, hair, and nails. Resveratrol has been seen to positively affect fats in the blood and in some cases even alleviate joint pain.

  • How much Tru Beauty Drink should I drink?

    We suggest that you drink one Tru Beauty Drink at anytime during the day. The active ingredients in Tru Beauty Drink are proven to benefit the health of the skin, hair, and nails regardless of what time you consume them.

  • Who should drink Tru Beauty Drink?

    Our Tru Beauty Drink is designed for anyone that wants to support the health of their hair, skin, and nails. Powered by bovine collagen, the can and the shot are made with the same ingredients that help you glow!