Tru Welcomes Three Division 1 Ivy League Student-Athletes as Summer Interns

Tru is proud to welcome Danny Hincks, Brian Antonelli, and Andrew Berg to the team as summer interns. They will be focusing on enhancing the company’s content creation efforts, operational efficiency and product research. The three will focus primarily on the marketing sector of the company, aiming to enhance Tru's brand image and likeness for the millennial demographic.

Danny Hincks is a junior at Dartmouth College majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and joins the team with a background in athletics. A goaltender for the Dartmouth Men’s Lacrosse team, he has insight into what fuels highly-motivated and successful athletes on a daily basis. As a goalie, he focuses on anything which can give him a competitive advantage over his opponents. Through this lens, he will add a new perspective towards the mental and cognitive benefits which Tru excels in capturing in our drinks.

Andrew Berg is a junior at Princeton University majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Entrepreneurship along with a strong research background. He is on the Varsity Lightweight Rowing team at Princeton and is passionate about fitness and performance enhancement research. Andrew provides a unique insight into the formulation behind the entire Tru lineup and will add considerable value by helping consumers better understand the science behind Tru.

Brian Antonelli is a junior at Brown University majoring in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizational Studies. He is also a member of the Men’s Lacrosse Team. Brian has played several sports his whole life including Hockey, Soccer, and Lacrosse throughout high school giving him knowledge of what works for athletes. Combining his athletic schedule and school work results in stressful days which is why he is determined to help Tru find solutions to these problems which burden so many others.

Additionally, the team will be adding Morgan Teman, a Princeton University sophomore, who will focus on optimizing the website while improving the customer experience.

Welcome to the team!

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