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The Benefits of Natural Ingredients

What Constitutes an All-Natural Diet?

Foods can be split into two groups: “natural” or whole foods, and “fragmented” or processed foods. Natural foods have been planted on this earth through the processes of nature, oftentimes with little manual labor needed during the food’s growth and production. All-natural foods can be considered to be “unaltered” because they have been provided to us by nature. Some examples of natural foods include, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans. Processed foods, on the other hand, have been altered during their development and have lost one or more of their original elements, like valuable nutrients or other properties. [1]

What are the Benefits of an All-Natural Diet?

Many people have adopted the mindset that natural foods were put on this earth not to be altered with and should be eaten as such. Some problems with processed foods include the accumulation of body fat through eating refined sugars and empty carbohydrates. Generally speaking, an all-natural diet will cause you to feel more consistent high energy levels as a result of not fueling your body with processed sugars which will lead to a crash. Nature has an immaculate way of creating foods which can check all of the macronutrient boxes off. For example, eggs, almonds, and chicken breasts are all-natural foods that are high in protein. Brown rice, beans, bananas as well as many other sources are all-natural foods that are high in clean carbohydrate levels. Avocados, nuts, and fish are all-natural foods that are high in healthy fat levels. [2]

Through this lens, it is very possible to fill all of your macronutrient needs through an all-natural diet. Furthermore, our Tru drinks are able to supplement vitamins and other antioxidants while still keeping your diet all-natural. For this reason as well as many others, we recommend all of our Tru Drinks which are gluten-free, keto-friendly, and all-natural.

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