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The Benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp

What is CBD?

Since the turn of the decade, cannabis has been a heavily debated topic within the health and wellness industry. Once deemed an illicit drug used for solely recreational use, health care professionals and business leaders alike have worked hard to eliminate social biases around cannabis. Proven to have positive impacts on health, states have been given individual discretion to legalize cannabis and its derivatives for medical use. [1] As of 2020, there are 33 states that allow cannabis for medical use in reducing anxiety and inflammation, as well as other ailments that typically affect patients of chronic illness. [2]

What are the health benefits of CBD?

Tru has formulated a relaxing blend including 10 milligrams of nano-encapsulated full-spectrum hemp oil, turmeric, ginger extract, and pineapple juice to unwind at the end of a long day. Nano-encapsulated full-spectrum hemp oil, the primary ingredient in Tru Breeze, contains all the same pure cannabinoids that are derived straight from cannabis plants. The most prominent cannabinoid found within hemp plants is cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a non-psychoactive and non-hallucinogenic component of the cannabis plant which has scientific evidence of reducing pain and anxiety. Additionally, when combined with other compounds found in the cannabis plant, CBD has been shown to work together in what is known as the “entourage effect.” Together they are able to provide therapeutic properties that help relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. [3] A 2012 study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information concluded that cannabinoids help relieve inflammatory pain. It does this by binding to and desensitizing receptors known to mediate pain, sensory perception, inflammation, and body temperature. CBD oil can treat both chronic and acute inflammation. Amy Orr raved about her experience using CBD oil to treat her chronic pain. Author of the book, “Taming Chronic Pain,” she has been using CBD oil for years since her discovery that CBD oil can successfully treat irritable bowel disorder (IBD). She had experienced brutal side effects from other drugs and steroids targeted at fighting IBD. In addition, none of her previous medication had addressed both the issue of treating inflammation and also eliminating pain. Orr referred to her discovery of CBD oil as a “eureka” moment, wishing she had known about the benefits it can have years before. [4]


Nano-encapsulated full-spectrum hemp is carefully extracted from the hemp plant to increase the bioavailability and solubility of each individual CBD molecule. The increased bioavailability of nano-encapsulated full-spectrum hemp means more CBD enters the bloodstream thus having a stronger impact than other products which contain the same amount of CBD. The nano-encapsulated full-spectrum hemp is also more soluble and thus able to pass through barriers which other hemp products are inhibited by, ultimately reaching the bloodstream faster. Nano-encapsulated full-spectrum hemp is essentially an enhanced version of normal hemp. [5]

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