The Benefits of Echinacea

What is Echinacea?

The use of echinacea was first seen in 1870 by Native Americans of Nebraska. [1], [2] Growing in forests and prairies, it was then brought to Europe and its popularity began to spread due to its benefits impacting the immune system. [3] In the early 20th century, a doctor by the name of J.S. Leachman tested the root of echinacea and its effectiveness on people with many different sicknesses and it seemed to always show positive results. Echinacea boosts the production of white blood cells, thus bolstering the immune system and allowing it to fight off infections easier. [4]


What are the Health Benefits of Echinacea?

Echinacea works as an antioxidant, containing cichoric acid, rosmarinic acid, and flavonoids. [5] Echinacea has relaxing properties due to its antioxidant component that promotes blood flow and lets your body comfortably decompress. Some people with joint pain may use antioxidants such as echinacea to loosen up and let the blood get to those problem areas. [6] As Tru Dream is a sleep supplement, it is created to give your body and mind a relaxing experience and that is why we include such ingredients as echinacea, magnesium, and melatonin.

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